Get Toys Based on Kids Ages and Interests

Finding the best toy to match your child’s individual age and interests is challenging and time consuming. While one child wants sports toys or outdoor toys, another prefers creative toys and artistic pursuits. Some kids want the best electronic toys or electronic games, while many just want the most popular toys at that moment. At the same time, as parents we’re always delighted to see our child playing with educational toys, which develop specific knowledge or skills (e.g. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).

With millions of children’s toys selling online and in retail outlets, we understand the challenge of trying to make a confident and informed toy purchase decision, especially when you have little time. ToyPing addresses this by providing the fast and easy solution for time-poor parents.

ToyPing’s smart search technology explores Amazon’s extensive toy portfolio to discover the best toys to match your child’s age and interests. In 3 simple steps, you can generate your personalised toy wish list and confidently select the best toy for your child.

The three steps are:

  1. Select Interest category, Age & Price Range
  2. Review & Refine your child’s individual toy wish list
  3. Select your child’s toy and complete your purchase through Amazon
Through our affiliate relationship with we provide you with security and confidence in your toy purchase, without the frustration and time lost in search and selection.

We have categorised toys into core interest areas, while also including an area for the most popular toys:

  1. Outdoor & Sport Toys
  2. Creative & Art Toys
  3. Electronic Toys
  4. Books & Board Games
  5. Science & Technology
  6. Dolls & Figures

The ToyPing team invests the energy, technology and time to search the Amazon toy database on your behalf. Our technology automatically generates the best toy recommendations to match your child’s age and interests. This frees up your precious time and helps you make a quick and confident toy selection, thereby ensuring that your child will have endless hours of fun and you will have a good return on your toy investment. We’re starting with and we plan to add in early 2017. In the meantime, we’ll focus on ensuring that we’re helping you discover the best toys to match your child’s individual age and interests. We welcome your feedback and comments on Please follow us on FB & Twitter.