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Interest Category: Outdoor Toys

Children seem to spend more time indoors than ever before, whether it is doing homework for school, watching television, playing on their latest electronic device, or communicating with their friends on Snapchat, Skype or Facetime. This indoor inactivity concerns parents and child development experts alike, and has led to numerous studies being published, highlighting the negative impact this is having on kids health and development.

We love to see our kids playing outdoors and with outdoor toys, whether that’s on swings, on climbing toys, in kids houses or cycling bikes. Outdoor play brings endless hours of fun, along with many other benefits, including:

1. Health benefits of playing outdoors

Playing outside enables children to be considerably more active, which improves their mood and wellbeing, helps them to build strength and good fitness levels, while burning off extra energy and calories. This ensures that they will be calmer and more focused, when they’re in the classroom and doing indoor activities. Also, being in the sunshine (even in the wet and in winter), enables children naturally absorb vital vitamin D.

2. Creativity & Social Skills benefits of playing outdoors

Outdoor play encourages children’s creativity and imagination, without the confinement of being indoors and with the benefits of fresh air and their natural surroundings. Outdoor spaces are usually less crowded and less intimidating than indoors and this helps children to naturally come out of their shells and be more social. This means enables children to more easily join in games and activities, ensuring that they will have a better chance to talk to different children and make new friends. This all encourages children to learn social skills and how to interact with other children away from adult supervision.

3. Educational benefits of playing outdoors

Children learning easily and quickly through outdoor play, providing a fun way to pick up new information and skills. Outdoor toys, such as climbing frames, bikes, kites etc provide kids with an appreciation of new learning and skills development as an ongoing process, rather than something done in the classroom.

4. Independence & Risk-taking benefits of playing outdoors

Kids learn independence and freedom from adult supervision when socially interacting with other children in outdoor play activities, as well as learning to play by themselves. They learn how to take turns playing games (e.g. with outdoor toys such as swings, slides), to pick themselves up when they fall (e.g. garden toys such as climbing frames), and how to negotiate unfamiliar equipment (e.g. learning to ride a bike), resulting in children learning how to be independent and self-reliant. Children also learn how to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and take calculated risks e.g. climbing a tree, riding a bike or going down a slide for the first time. This helps increase their confidence and willingness to learn and try out new activities and pursuits, without always being guided by adultsThe ToyPing team invests the energy, technology and time to search the Amazon toy database on your behalf to find the best outdoor toys for your child. We have also filtered selection of outdoor toys into the following focused interest categories, to help you find the best toy for your child even faster:

  1. Bikes & Wheels
  2. Swings & Climbing
  3. Ball Games
  4. Beach & Pool
  5. Garden Fun
  6. Tents & Houses
  7. Kites & Gliders

We hope you quickly find an inspiring outdoor toy for your child and we wish you a happy and fruitful toy shopping adventure at! Please feel free to tell us how you get on and how you think we can improve your shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

Louise & the Toyping team