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Interest Category: Electronic Toys

Electronic toys for kids bring hours of fun, while causing parents most concern about the hours spent in front of screens. However electronic toys for kids, including games and consoles, robotic toys and remote control toys, offer significant developmental learning, skills and benefits. These include:

1. Cognitive & Sensory Development

Stimulates critical thinking through memory and logic games. A variety of textures, visuals and sounds stimulate sensory development.

2. Visualisation Memory

Engaging graphics & visualisation activities develop memory, while providing them with a safe environment to explore, play and grow.

3. Creative Play, Communication skills & Hand-Eye Coordination

Aiming and concentrating on a target improves hand/eye coordination. Use creativity and imagination in a variety of ways and contexts to communicate ideas.

4. Smart Toys

Smart toys are available in many different types, but they share three basic characteristics: they teach new skills to the child, they bring out the fun in learning, and they encourage active child participation in learning. A robotic toy that inspires a child to solve problems is a smart toy. An example of such a toy is Teksta Robotic Puppy. Teksta is an 8-week old robotic puppy that responds to your voice, physical gestures, lights, sounds, and even an app on your mobile device. You can find Teksta and many more Smart toys within the Robots sub-interest area within Electronic toys.

The ToyPing team invests the energy, technology and time to search the Amazon toy database on your behalf to find the best electronic toys for your child. We have also filtered our selection of electronic toys for kids into the following focused interest categories, to help you find the best electronic toy for your child even faster:

  1. Remote Control Toys
  2. Consoles and Games
  3. Robots
  4. Crossover Toys
  5. New Technology Toys

We hope you quickly find an inspiring electronic toy for your child and we wish you a happy and fruitful toy shopping adventure at! Please feel free to tell us how you get on and how you think we can improve your shopping experience.

Thank you,

Louise and the ToyPing team